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Russia, St. Petersburg, 
emb. of the Moika River,
house 5

+7 (812) 601-06-36



+7 (812) 600-24-11

(Sales & Reservations Department)

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Children under 5 years stay free

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The Modern Heritage "Moyka, 5" is a five-star hotel that offers you the breathtaking vistas of the heart of Northern Venice.
Here, the past lives alongside the present."Moyka, 5" is situated in the historic center of the Northern Capital. Step right outside to bask in the beauty and the grandeur of the city. Among the treasures of 18th century imperial Saint-Petersburg you will find the Winter Palace, the Summer Garden, the Church of the Savior on Blood, and the State Russian Museum.  

Wherever you go, you are bound to discover yet another trace of Imperial Age history. A mere five-minute walk outside the hotel will lead you to the glimmering reflections of the city’s magnificent architectural landscape in the surrounding bodies of water.Back in the 18th century, empress Anna of Russia presented Balk-Polev, her favorite among her privy council, with a gift, a mansion with several spacious apartments. Later, it became the property of a well-known and established nobleman, Senator P.P. Sherbatov.

Sherbatov was a shrewd man: he only lent the apartments to high noblemen, commanders-in chief, and ambassadors. S.K.Naryshkin and S. V. Saltykov – the favorites of two empresses, Elizabeth I and Catherine the Great, were also lodgers at Moyka, 5.    1860 was the year of two important events: the marriage of the Tsar's son and the birth of a new palace, known as Zapasnyi. The prince and the princess settled in the New Mihailovskiy Palace, while all the courtiers moved to a new palace with 77 apartments at Moyka, 5.

Only members of the royal family and the most powerful people could have had a palace built at such a spectacular location.  The panoramic vistas of the embankments and the majestic Neva river impressed guests from other countries, who referred to the Neva river as 'the sea'. It is important to note that Saint-Petersburg is known as 'The Floating City' and the 'City of Bridges': 342 bridges span over the Neva and 80 other rivers and channels, traversing 42 islands.  As a Russian 19th century novelist, N. V. Gogol, wrote once:

"Saint-Petersburg, a dandy at full stretch now, how have you moved over! There are mirrors all around him: the Neva on one side, the Finnish gulf on the other side. Oh, he has mirrors to look at".The Palace Embankment is less than 300 meters away, offering an unforgettable panorama - a view of the Neva and the Hare Island, which was a witness to a number of St. Petersburg’s defining moments in history.