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Russia, St. Petersburg, 
emb. of the Moika River,
house 5

+7 (812) 601-06-36



+7 (812) 600-24-11

(Sales & Reservations Department)

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Best Price Guaranteed

Payment without commission by card of any bank

Instant confirmation

Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel

Great breakfasts

For reservations of 7 nights or more, a gift transfer

Free bottle of water

Pets allowed

Children under 5 years stay free

The ability to independently change your reservation in your account

A nice birthday bonus


We are closely monitoring the reports of a new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) and are following the recommendations of world organizations and local health authorities.

The health of our Guests and employees is very important to us.

Our Commitment to Cleanliness:
We pay special attention to cleanliness and hygiene and take additional measures to ensure the safety of our employees and guests. Moika 5 follows the latest hygiene and cleanliness recommendations on a daily basis. The measures that the hotel takes to maintain safety and protect health are directed against a wide range of viruses, including COVID-19. These measures include hand washing and the availability of cleaning products with the necessary characteristics, maintaining cleanliness in rooms and public areas.

Here are some ways we’re taking care of our employees and Guests health:

  • Hand Hygiene: Proper and frequent handwashing is especially important when fighting viruses. At our daily meetings, our team is reminded that cleanliness starts with this simple act. It’s important for their health and that of our guests.
  • All employees take body temperature on daily basic to avoid any viral diseases.
  • Regular training sessions: In addition to cleaning and hygiene trainings, hotel employees also receive advanced data on the COVID-19 virus.
  • Cleaning Products and Protocols: Our hotel use cleaning products and protocols which are effective against viruses, including:
    • Professional Detergents: OASIS PRO 40 PREMIUM (Surface disinfectant), OASIS PRO ALL BATH (Detergent for bathrooms, non-acid disinfectant), OASIS PRO TOILET (Disinfectant for toilet)
    • Guests rooms: We clean rooms after departure and before the arrival of new guests, using cleaning products and applying disinfection rules, with special attention to the items that are most often touched.
    • Public area. The frequency of cleaning and disinfection in public areas is increased. We pay special attention to frequently used points in public areas: reception desks, elevators, including buttons, door handles, public toilets, and even room keys. This cleaning with a disinfectant is carried out once an hour, and we constantly check the availability of a sanitizer for guests and employees of the hotel.
    • Staff area: We have also increased the frequency of cleaning in staff areas, with a focus on frequent areas such as service entrances, changing rooms, laundries and offices.

All of the disinfectant in the hotel are professional use only, made by international company Ecolab and has all the certificates needed. We take care of our Guests and employees, so we carefully check all purchased products.
For the most updated information, please refer to Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Russian Federal Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing or local health authorities.